Integration Plugin
for IntelliJ

GeekHub(Beta) is a plugin of Jetbrains IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine,PyCharm, PhpStorm, WebStorm, GoLand etc.
No need to go back and forth between Web and Editor.
You can review, comment, checkout PullRequests in your Editor now.
GeekHub(Beta) is a plugin of Jetbrains IDEs.
You can review, comment, checkout PullRequests
in your Editor now.

Use GitHub on your Editor

GeekHub(Beta) provide you the functions of GitHub on your editor.
It help you to concentrate your development.

Drive your development

Going back and forth between editor and browser
disturb your concentration.
Now you can do everything on your editor with no switching cost.

Manage your reviews and comments

Review is a part of engineer’s work and a better review help
your product. Manage your reviews on your editor to
improve your productivity.

Don’t miss your Ideas

Waiting for loading data is a most useless time.
GeekHub save your pull requests data on your local storage.
Keep your thought while changing your views.

Collaborate Pull Requests and Codes

Improve your reviewing with your full project codes.
You have everything in your PC.

Review with full functions of IDE

Review in browser cannot use your ability of editors.
GeekHub help you to use your customized shortcuts
to review pull requests.

Integrate codes and reviews

Jump to code from your review and
jump to review from your code.
Integrate your pull requests with your local project.

See full diff of pull requests

GitHub pull requests show you only codes which
changed by pull requests.
Easy review with your full code diffs.

Get started GeekHub(Beta) 
for free

Use GeekHub(Beta) with your GitHub account to integrate GitHub and your IDE.
Beta version of GeekHub is totally free to use. Evolve your experience of developing.